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Facing onto the Mediterranean, Rabat is an attractive city of dome and minarets, sweeping terraces, wide avenues and green spaces. It is markedly more pleasant than some other Moroccan cities and also undergoing fundamental change. Facing Sale, its ancient rival, across Wadi Bou Regreg, Rabat is the political, administrative and financial capital of Morocco, the […]
Such is the importance of Marrakech that it gave its name to Morocco. For more than two centuries, this Berber city at the point of interchange between the Sahara, the Atlas and the Anti Atlas was the hub of a great empire, and the achievements of illustrious builders can be seen within the city’s walls. […]
The Holy City of Fez is a jewel of Spanish-Arabic civilization. Fez does not reveal its secrets easily. Secretive, shadowy, they need to be discovered little by little, with reverence. Only in this way can the splendors of Medersa architecture be fully appreciated. Only in this way will the call of the medina tempt you. […]
This is the most enchanting town on the Atlantic, and perhaps on all the coasts of Morocco. The old town and port, encircled by 18th century battlements, overlook a scattering of barren, wave-worn islands. A great sandy bay sweeps out to the south, while wooded hills dominate the skyline to the east. The old parts […]
Chefchaouen is an enchanting town sitting at the foot of the Rif Mountains. It is a unique place to visit for various reasons: it is small and manageable yet friendly to tourists, the mountain air and atmosphere are relaxing, and one can catch a glimpse of rural life while hiking in the surrounding mountains and […]
This city is a surprise for those who have been fed with picturesque images of Marrakech and fez. For here is a modern city, with a skyline dominated by towering office blocks and sprawling suburbs ringed in the approved metropolitan style by a motorway ring road. The streets are jammed with cars and the five-storey […]